Dear Consumer,

Radosz is a family company, which was founded in 1997.
Before it started to function as a company, it was a FAMILY. All of its members cooked Sour Rye Soup and Beets, Pickled Cucumbers, and Marinated Mushrooms.
THIS FAMILY BRINGS JOY with every moment and continues to expand. Its main motivation is the satisfied customer.
The creativeness of our team allows us to improve the quality of our products, thanks to which we create natural products without artificial additives or taste enhancers. We have created the elegant and at the same time simple TASTE OF TRADITION BRAND, which combines Nature and Tradition. Because of our hard work, we can honestly say that this is not a roadside plant, but rather a HOUSEHOLD, where the smoke is replaced with the Smell of Fresh Dill and Garlic, while the Excellent Taste of Pickled Beetroot Soup is just around the corner.
Our motto is Good Product. Good Product comes from a Good Raw Material, which is why ours come from farmers all over Poland, from regions with Many Years of Tradition in Crops Harvested in the Morning, which are selected when they are still on the field.
Our products are distinguished by Deep Colours and Taste Filled with Natural Sweetness.
We do all this to provide Our Customers with Homemade Cuisine at their request.
We always try hard to reach our goals. We use proven Home Recipes and take care of our qualified personnel.

We continuously expand and train our employees, adapt Old Polish Recipes to the expectations of the Customers, and are aware that the highest value of our company is produced by an excellent final product and our personnel. We obey Good Health Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and the Quality Management System. We strive for perfection at every stage of production, not settling for compromises. Such actions are the most important symptoms of our success.
Today, you can find our products on the domestic market at several wholesalers and in Kawiks stores, but they are mostly predominant on the tables in the USA, Germany, and Great Britain.